October 4, 2023NIB Business Advisory is happy to announce the commencement of its collaboration with Panathinaikos Athletic Club, one of the most historic Greek athletic clubs which was founded well over a century ago, in 1908.

This significant collaboration will allow Panathinaikos AC to benefit from the deep expertise of NIB Business Advisory in the fields of organizational restructuring and sports management. NIB Business Advisory will also be overseeing and consulting the project of the new facilities for the club that are to be created in Athens’ Votanikos area, with the purpose to maximize the benefits derived from optimizing the use and commercial opportunities of these facilities for the Athletic Club, once this project is finalized.

NIB Business Advisory founder & CEO, Mr. Panagiotis Triantopoulos, is no stranger to Panathinaikos AC, as he had previously participated in the team’s board, presiding the Financial Committee that took over the Club between 2018-2020 and led to its budget rationalization. “I am excited to return to the Panathinaikos’ family, a very familiar environment for me during rougher times for the Club”, stated Mr. Triantopoulos. “Now the future looks brighter, especially with the Votanikos’ project well underway, and we are here to ensure that we will be prepared and ready to function in the best way possible, in anticipation of this project coming to life”.