February 02, 2024NIB Business Advisory Services is proud to announce the commencement of its collaboration with the prestigious Greek academic establishment IST College, with the scope to deliver a pioneering Bachelor’s degree program in Sports Management.

Combining the ability of NIB Business Advisory in delivering top-notch services in strategic business planning, project management, marketing & branding and facilities management, all with a strong focus and expertise in sports management, with the 30-years’ academic excellence provided by IST College, an institution both recognized and licensed by the Greek Ministry of Education, the purpose is to offer an unparalleled course in Sports Management that will help the development of new, skilled and highly specialized professionals in the field.

This BBA in Sports Management will be provided in the IST College facilities, in affiliation with the world renowned French academic establishment, College de Paris. The program will help forge highly skilled and specialized professionals to match the rapidly evolving world of professional sports, by covering all aspects that will help them develop both theoretical and practical skills, as well as a broad spectrum of subjects including sports marketing, finance, innovation and sports law, among others. All of these will be enhanced by utilizing the deep expertise and the connections that NIB Business Advisory can leverage in today’s sports world.

The program will last for 3 years and is scheduled to commence in October 2024 in IST College facilities, in Athens, Greece.